About CAN-TECH Law

The Canadian Technology Law Association ("CAN-TECH Law") was founded in 1997 by a group of Canadian technology lawyers from across the country. It was intended to provide a national forum for Canadian practitioners to discuss the uniquely Canadian aspects of technology law and related fields of e-commerce and intellectual property.

Objects of The Canadian Technology Law Association ("CAN-TECH Law")


  • Offer programs and content to keep pace with how evolving technology shapes law and vice versa
  • Create opportunities for the sharing of information within the diverse community of professionals at the intersection of technology and business
  • Provide opportunities for relationship building and networking across this diverse community
  • Provide a forum for those new to technology legal issues to grow their knowledge in this area
  • Seek and encourage collaboration between CAN-TECH Law and other relevant professional associations, groups and individuals with compatible interests

Last updated November 30, 2017.