Court declines to issue an Anton Piller order to seize and examine defendant’s computer; e-discovery more appropriate

Plaintiff sought Anton Piller order for defendant’s computer, but where the defendant’s computer was in possession of defendant’s counsel, e-discovery is more appropriate In a contentious post-employment lawsuit before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice alleging financial improprieties and breach … Continue reading

Customs Searches and Cell Phones

Are cell-phones subject to open-ended searches when passing through customs? The extent of the ability to search an iPhone or similar electronic data storage device during a customs search was at issue in R v Saikaley. The accused was suspected … Continue reading

Stanley Cup Riots and 911 Calls

Should recorded 911 calls be released to the media and control lost “for all time”? In R v Renderos the British Columbia Provincial Court decided that recordings of calls to 911 about the Stanley Cup riots in Vancouver should not … Continue reading

Internet Luring

Is internet luring a distinct offence from the sexual interference which follows? The Newfoundland Provincial Court dealt with the sentencing of an accused on sexual interference and luring a child by means of the Internet for a sexual purpose with … Continue reading