Facebook and Defamation

Court: “Facebook is a dangerous tool to express frustration” In the aftermath of a marital break-up, the sending of an unflattering e-mail and a frustrated Facebook posting, the plaintiff in Davis c. Singerman commenced an action in the Quebec Superior … Continue reading

Facebook and Hearsay

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” The question of the admissibility of Facebook messages arose in R v Moazami. The accused had been charged with a number of offences relating to the exploitation of prostitutes (the exact charges … Continue reading

Non-disclosure and Electronic Data

Not all electronically stored information is lost when it is not retained. The accused in R v Croft brought an application for a Charter remedy on the basis of lost evidence, claiming there was information which had not been disclosed … Continue reading

Costs for Electronic Research

Computer research is a reasonably necessary disbursement In a costs decision, the successful party in Albionex (Overseas) Limited v ConAgra Limited sought to recover for electronic legal research. The losing side argued that computer research should be built into a … Continue reading

Snowden leaks show WiFi snooping in Canada by CSEC

Intelligence agency contends collection of “metadata” is lawful As part of the continuing disclosure of documents purloined from the US National Security Agency by Edward Snowden, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported on a secret presentation [PDF] prepared by the Communications … Continue reading