Photographing a Screen is a Search

Photos of a locked iPhone screen constituting search of the iPhone The Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench considered the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada decision concerning searches of cell phones incident to arrest with its decision in R. … Continue reading

Online auction terms upheld

Saskatchewan court finds items were really sold “as is”, as described in the Terms of Service In Larochelle v Saskatchewan Government Insurance, the plaintiff sought damages against Saskatchewan General Insurance (SGI) because of undisclosed damage to a vehicle he bought … Continue reading

Home-made Home Security

US FTC announces prize The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States has issued a press release announcing a public contest which challenges entrants to create a tool to protect consumers from security issues related to the impact of … Continue reading

Canada Post as an Internet Access Point

Banking for rural Canada online through post offices? A report released by the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates suggests that the future of Canada Post may involve improving rural access to broadband internet. According to the Executive Summary … Continue reading

Un téléphone doté de l’application bloquant les appels et messages demeure un objet doté d’une fonction téléphonique

Il est reproché au défendeur d’avoir conduit un véhicule routier en faisant usage d’un appareil, tenu en main, muni d’une fonction téléphonique, en contravention des dispositions de l’article 439.1 du Code de la sécurité routière. Le Tribunal est appelé à … Continue reading