Electronic Data and Theft

Posting nude images without permission is despicable but not stealing The Saskatchewan Provincial Court has concluded that electronic data cannot be stolen, and therefore that its misuse cannot constitute theft, with the decision 3 in R v Maurer: the net … Continue reading

Discrimination in the Workplace over the Web?

Blog postings from home not made “in the workplace” The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has upheld a decision of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, dismissing a claim, in Taylor-Baptiste v Ontario Public Service Employees Union. The applicant, Taylor-Baptiste, … Continue reading

Hidden Cameras in the Workplace

Surreptitious cameras cannot be the “go-to” option CN Railway was found to have violated PIPEDA by placing a hidden camera in a booking-in room, an unrestricted area accessible to all Company employees, contractors and/delivery personnel, in Canadian National Railway Company … Continue reading