Contracting by Email

Email communications can result in more than just an agreement to agree. The British Columbia Supreme Court dealt with a dispute over whether a contract had actually been reached between two parties with its decision in Vancouver Canucks Limited Partnership … Continue reading

Failure to Live Monitor Wiretaps

“Live” means live for wiretaps. The need to precisely comply with the conditions of a wiretap arose for the Alberta Court of Appeal in R v Alcantara. Two accused, Alcantara and Critch, had been charged with drug and weapons offences … Continue reading

Service by Message Board Posting

Message board member “NoFixedAddress” has a fixed address at the message board Adding to the range of cases which have permitted substituted service on a defendant through social media such as Facebook or Twitter, Master MacNaughton of the Supreme Court … Continue reading

Limitations on Video Technology

Should courts claim extra-provincial jurisdiction in order to avoid video-conferencing? The Chief Justice of Ontario, sitting as a Superior Court Justice in Parsons v Canadian Red Cross Society, has concluded that an Ontario judge has the authority to sit outside … Continue reading

Internet Access and Right to Counsel

First Google, next a charger? In R v Cornish, the Alberta Provincial Court followed up on earlier authority holding that a person who is given the right to counsel ought to have access to the internet in order to exercise … Continue reading

L’annonce de poursuivre ses ventes en ligne sur la page Facebook et le compte Twitter d’une compagnie est pris en compte par le tribunal pour évaluer le comportement d’une entreprise

Le fait que le site Web n’est pas prêt à recevoir de commandes n’est pas en soi un comportement laissant conclure à une intention de cacher des actifs Il s’agit d’une requête pour casser une saisie avant jugement.  Le demandeur … Continue reading