Antiterrorism Law Passed by House

New law will limit privacy rights and expand search powers The House of Commons has given third reading to Bill C-51, the so-called “Antiterrorism law”, which makes a number of changes to Canadian law relevant to law and technology issues. … Continue reading

Social Media Cyberbullying?

No doxing on Reddit The CBC reports that a Halifax man has been unsuccessful in getting police to investigate “doxing” – that is, the non-consensual posting of identifying personal information – on the news-aggregation website Reddit. The man, a moderator … Continue reading


L’e-réputation concerne l’opinion que les autres ont d’une personne dans le cyberespace. Au plan du droit, ses tenants et aboutissants peuvent s’envisager de façon différente en fonction du sens que l’on donne aux valeurs relatives à la réputation des personnes, … Continue reading