Removal of YouTube Video not Libellous

Violation of terms of service not a basis for hatred or contempt. The United States District Court (Northern District of California) granted summary dismissal of a libel action in Song Fi Inc. v Google Inc. Song Fi had produced a … Continue reading

Evidence of Flat Earth

Court prefers static images of earth to interactive Google Earth as evidence In Yahey v. British Columbia, Justice Burke of the British Columbia Supreme Court presided over a pre-trial application made in preparation for an upcoming 100-day trial of a … Continue reading

Right to Be Forgotten Less than Half the Time

Google provides information about delisting requests Google released a transparency report providing data on the volume of delisting requests it has received in the wake of Court of Justice of the European Union’s May 2014 ruling establishing the right to … Continue reading

Property vs. Privacy vs. Porn

US Court permits subpoena to ISP of alleged copyright breacher, but with protective order In Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v Doe, the plaintiff company, Strike 3, owned the copyright in several particular adult films. It alleged that the defendant had … Continue reading