Breath Tests and Reliable Readings

Sensitive approved screening device requires officers to inquire about consumption of sugary foods The technological limitations of an approved screening device were at issue in the Ontario Court of Justice decision in R. v. Lemos. The accused was operating a … Continue reading

Twitter Hit With Worldwide Injunction

Supreme Court of New South Wales orders Twitter to remove unlawfully Tweeted confidential information—everywhere In a case redolent of the Supreme Court of Canada’s recent decision in Equustek (discussed in a previous edition of this newsletter), the Supreme Court of … Continue reading

Diffamation sur Facebook

Dans sa tentative de récupérer le chien vedette Cariño de la Fondation Corazõn du Québec, alors en possession des demandeurs, la directrice a publié sur le site de la Fondation un message où elle traite les demandeurs de voleurs et … Continue reading