Third Party Cell Phones and Searches

Continuing issues around the need to clarify cell phone seizures The issue of cell phones and search incident to arrest continues to throw off new questions. The Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Fearon (see the IT.Can newsletter of March … Continue reading

Cybercrime Sentencing

Being both anonymous and a member of Anonymous, cyber-vandal sentenced to two years imprisonment The England and Wales Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), with its decision in R v Martin, has upheld a sentence of two years’ imprisonment against an … Continue reading

Duty not to text

New Jersey court finds a duty not to knowingly text a driver In a case that has garnered much attention in the US and abroad, the New Jersey Court of Appeal has added a significant twist to determining liability associated … Continue reading

Plugged in jurors found in contempt

UK High Court finds jurors in contempt for intemperate tweet and unsanctioned internet research In HM Attorney General v. Davey, [2013] EWHC 2317 (Admin) two former jurors were found in contempt of court for misconduct related to their online activities … Continue reading