Canadian Technology Law Association Website Privacy Policy

The Canadian Technology Law Association (“CAN-TECH Law”) approaches our communications on the internet with respect for, and commitment to protecting, your privacy rights. This privacy policy describes how we collect, protect, use and share information gathered about you on the CAN-TECH Website (the “CAN-TECH Law Site”). We hope that this disclosure will help increase your confidence in the CAN-TECH Site and enhance your experience on the internet.

What is personal information?

Personal information is any information about an identifiable person, other than employee name, title and business contact information.

How does the CAN-TECH Law Site collect personal information from you?

We collect personal information from you only on a voluntary basis. We do not require this information in order for you to obtain access, to surf or to view the content on the CAN-TECH Law Site.

For those few activities on the CAN-TECH Law Site where the collection of personally identifiable information is necessary (for example, for the purpose of becoming a member of CAN-TECH Law), you will know because you will have to fill out a form which identifies the purposes for which your personal information is to be used. For those activities, we will not collect more information than is necessary to participate in such programs, without your consent.

Does CAN-TECH Law collect or use information collected from you with technology?

The CAN-TECH Law Site collects some information about you using technology, so it may not be readily apparent to you that it is being collected. For instance, when you come to the CAN-TECH Law Site your IP address is collected so that we know how many visits we have had by separate individuals. An IP address is often associated with the place from which you enter the Internet like your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your firm or company or your university. This information is not personally identifiable.

CAN-TECH Law may use "cookie" technology to obtain non-personal information from its online visitors in the Forum area of the CAN-TECH Law Site, which is a password-protected directory. The cookie is stored on your computer to allow you to get back into the Forum area of the CAN-TECH Law Site without having to re-enter your moniker and individual password. We do not extract personal information in this process nor do we disclose this information. Cookies are a tool to allow us to update and improve the CAN-TECH Law Site.

How does CAN-TECH Law use the personal information it has collected from you?

We will only use such information (a) for the purpose of administering the CAN-TECH Law membership program, which includes providing you with notices and information about CAN-TECH Law, its activities and programs, and related activities and programs through mail, fax, e-mail or other mode of communication; (b) to publish your information in its membership directories, as may be available in hard copy, electronic and otherwise, and in program attendance lists; (c) to enforce our Terms of Use for the CAN-TECH Law Site; (d) for such other uses for which you may consent from time to time; and (e) as otherwise permitted or required by law.

To whom will CAN-TECH Law provide your personal information?

We will not disclose such information, other than as follows:

  1. to other members of CAN-TECH Law for the purpose of promoting networking opportunities amongst the CAN-TECH Law members, including in CAN-TECH Law membership directories, as may be available in hard copy, electronic and otherwise, and on program attendance lists;
  2. to third party service providers (for example, a mailing house) for the purposes outlined above, provided that the third party service providers agree not to use the information for any purposes other than for the purposes of providing services to CAN-TECH Law;
  3. to enforce our Terms of Use for the CAN-TECH Law Site;
  4. for such other uses for which you may consent from time to time; and
  5. as otherwise permitted or required by law.

Please note that once you have clicked on a link on the CAN-TECH Law Site, you may leave the CAN-TECH Law Site to a site which is no longer under the control of CAN-TECH Law, and to which our privacy policy no longer applies (see Links and Disclaimer of Linked Sites in Terms of Use). You must read the privacy policy, if any, of each linked site to see how your personal information will be handled on their site.

What type of security does CAN-TECH Law provide?

We have taken technical, contractual, administrative and physical security steps to protect the personal information collected from you on the CAN-TECH Law Site with a level of security appropriate to the sensitivity of the personal information collected. For example, we use to process the credit card information that you provide online which has secure socket layer (SSL) encryption to protect the information. Your credit card information will not be transmitted to or from CAN-TECH Law. These security measures are periodically reviewed. However, there are some things that you can do to help protect the security of this personal information as well. For instance, you should never give out your password, and should sign out of your internet account and close your browser window upon completing your use of the internet.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about this privacy policy?

If you need further assistance, please contact James Kosa by sending an e-mail to

Please note that (a) this privacy policy is with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information through the CAN-TECH Law Site only; and (b) this privacy policy is current as of the "Last modified date" set out above. CAN-TECH Law will continue to review the privacy policy to ensure that it is relevant and remains current with changing laws, regulations and technologies. While the privacy policy may therefore change, CAN-TECH Law will post notices on the CAN-TECH Site notifying users of such change.

Date policy last modified: April 9, 2003

Last updated October 5, 2018.