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The Canadian Technology Law Association ("CAN-TECH Law") was founded in 1997 by a group of Canadian technology lawyers from across the country. We provide a national forum for Canadian practitioners to discuss the uniquely Canadian aspects of technology law and related fields of e-commerce and intellectual property.

  • Offer programs and content to keep pace with how evolving technology shapes law and vice versa;
  • Create opportunities for the sharing of information within the diverse community of professionals at the intersection of technology and business;
  • Provide opportunities for relationship building and networking across this diverse community;
  • Provide a forum for those new to technology legal issues to grow their knowledge in this area;
  • Seek and encourage collaboration between CAN-TECH Law and other relevant professional associations, groups and individuals with compatible interests.

Can-Tech aims to demonstrate leadership in the legal and technology communities through its equity, diversity, and inclusion strategies and by actively nurturing an inclusive and welcoming professional network for its members and partners. In furtherance of its mission and strategic priorities, Can-Tech commits to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion through its advocacy, programming, internal policies, and governance structures.

Can-Tech’s approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion will (i) take action to reducing barriers to career advancement that are experienced by equity-seeking groups within the technology legal profession; and, (ii) reflect the evolving and intersecting nature of equity issues.

  • Women in Tech Law - This is a standing committee which supports female identifying members of the legal bar by providing tools for success including a variety of leadership development, education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers. Committee participation and events are open to all members and all are encouraged to participate.
  • Diversity - This is a standing committee whose principal project for 2021 includes implementing the suggestions outlined in the organization’s diversity and inclusion report from 2020. The committee also supports the planning of D&I events as appropriate.
  • Mentorship - The Mentorship Program launched in early 2023 with a goal of creating meaningful mentorship relationships between junior, intermediate and senior Can-Tech members to help junior members achieve success in their career. This program will be supported by both WIT and D&I. 
  • Spring Conference Planning Committee - This is an annually constituted committee which is currently actively planning our spring series conference which will occur in late May/June. 
  • Fall Conference Planning Committee - This is an annually constituted committee which is responsible for planning our fall conference. Volunteers are currently welcomed.
  • Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity, FinTech - These are ad hoc committees whose goals will be to discuss and comment on developments in the applicable fields and organize round-tables for members on key topics as appropriate. 

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