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Volunteering – Your key to a world of opportunities!

What volunteer role best suits you?

Whatever your ability to contribute in terms of time and effort, volunteering with CAN-
TECH Law can help you expand your professional network, gain valuable skills, and
build your work experience!

Please note that you need to be a member in order to volunteer with CAN-TECH Law.

Step 1: Think about your goals and your circumstances

What are the goals you would like to achieve through your volunteering? Is it to increase
your network? To gain experience? To showcase or acquire skills? To give back to the

All of these are great reasons to volunteer! Be realistic about the time you can put aside
to fulfil your volunteer assignment.

Step 2: Understand the various committees

The table below outlines what each CAN-TECH Law committee strives to do, the kind of
commitment volunteering calls for, and the main programs and roles associated with
them. We suggest you shortlist three committees that you would like to work with and
keep that in mind as you move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Send in your application

Submit your interest using the volunteer form below. If you have questions, you are
welcome to contact the

Summary of each committee

Women in Tech Law (WIT)

Women in Tech Law (WIT) - This is a standing committee which supports female
identifying members of the legal bar by providing tools to success including a variety of
leadership development, education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers.  Committee participation and events are open to all
members and all are encouraged to participate.

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) - This is a standing committee whose principal project
includes implementing the suggestions outlined in the organization’s diversity and
report from 2020, and improving the organization’s policies and practices. The committee also supports the planning of D&I events as appropriate.

Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program - We are looking for mentors and mentees for the Mentorship
Program which will be launched in early 2022 with a goal of creating meaningful
mentorship relationships between CAN-TECH Law members to help junior members of
the organization achieve success in their career. This program will be supported by both WIT and D&I.

Spring Conference Planning Committee

Spring Conference Planning Committee - This is an annually constituted committee
which is currently actively planning our spring series conference which will occur in late
Spring 2022.

Fall Conference Planning Committee

Fall Conference Planning Committee - This is an annually constituted committee
which is responsible for planning our fall conference. Volunteers are currently

Roundtable Planning Committee

Roundtable Planning Committee - This committee will meet regularly to set up and
plan monthly roundtables with the assistance of programming chairs. Volunteers are
currently welcomed.

Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity, FinTech

Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Identity, Cybersecurity, FinTech - These are
ad hoc committees whose goals will be to discuss and comment on developments in the applicable fields and organize round-tables for members on key topics as appropriate.

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